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Now I’m really an athlete…with an injury

Filed under: Blog Posts — chrishennig @ 3:15 pm May 15, 2009

Well, I guess it was bound to happen. I had hiked almost 600 miles without too many major pains. Then sometime on Tuesday, BAM. Pain out of nowhere. The evening before I had a mild slip on the trail, but nothing out of the ordinary. 4-5 miles into the next day, and it was obvious something was wrong. It feels like shin splints, but it’s in the wrong part of my leg. I saw a doctor today at a free clinic here at the Trail Days festival in Damascus, VA. He said rest, ibuprofin, and heat a few times a day. (Ice if I’m finishing any type of physical activity.)

So…thankfully I had planned on being here for the festival anyway. I ended up 30 miles short of my goal this week when Jason, producer for the “Road Less Traveled” tv show, picked me up. Hopefully it heals soon!

Anyway, this will be new for the blog…a VIDEO blog! Finally, I’ve documented the gear I’ve been using these first 600 miles. Sorry it’s so long…and yeah, I goofed with the zoom for the first minute or so. I didn’t feel like re-recording it. SO enjoy the close-up of my nose :)

Trail Report:

5/6 15.8 miles, rained most of the day. Not as depressed as usual to leave town :)

5/7 17.3 miles, didn’t rain, yet the trail was mostly a river today as it continued to rain hard last night. Saw cows and ponies today. I like the change of walking through fields.

5/8 20 miles, rained all morning, then the sun came out. Most parts of the trail were still a stream.

5/9 22.2 miles, staying at a cheap motel tonight so I can resupply. Woke up to lightning and hail last night.

5/10 14 miles, got a ride this AM to church, then a ride from church to groceries, then back to the trail!

5/11 19 miles, rained all morning, foggy cold afternoon. Patches of blue sky and sun towards the end.

5/12 23.8 miles, pain all day. Nice sunny day, though.

5/13 6.5 miles, couldn’t walk any farther, leg hurts too bad.

5/14 0 miles, waiting for Jason to pick me up from Trent’s grocery. Overheard fantastic talk of a hay bale falling off someone’s trailer and crashing through an angry neighbor’s fence.

5/15 0 miles, back in Damascus, resting….


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