Welcome. You're about to hop on the Appalachian Trail and become part of the 2009 thru-hike of Chris Hennig, whose trail name was "Feed Bag." While Feed Bag took in all the personal benefits of spending hours alone in the woods (getting in better shape, crying, pondering the meaning of life), there is a purpose greater than that for which he hiked: to make the world a better place for children. And you can be a part of this journey starting now...and help make a difference!

Start Date: 3/29/09 End Date: 9/5/09

Trail Magic at its finest

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Thanks for choosing me over Saturday morning cartoons!

Well, are you ready to hear about me crying in the woods again? I’m not really ready to talk about it, but it’s not for my benefit…I hope it is for yours.

But first a word from one of my best friends from high school and his wife! I’m giving Nick the honorary trail name “Urban Eskimo” because of his amazing ability to run year round while living in Minnesota. (In high school, he once ran to my house from his in Ohio on a snow day…). His wife Christy gets the honorary trail name “Nurse DeFrost” because, well, she is a nurse, and someone has to warm Nick up!


I first sponsored a child because it was a tangible way to give back to a country that I had visited. My trip to Ghana was powerful and challenging, so I wanted a way to keep giving back to support the country – one child at a time. Christy and I sponsored a second child from Zambia, a place she had spent several months of her life, after going through the World Vision Experience. These children are a reminder to us of our calling to serve in Africa and the hope that is within the continent and its youth.

Thanks Nick and Christy! More on sponsorship by the end of this blog…


Friday 6/19 was one of those days when I was ready to quit. It was the hottest hiking day so far and not only was my temperature meter on high, but my doubts were running high and my water running low. I was also out of vitamin-I and in need of a few anti-inflamatory pills as the arch in my right foot was painfully reminding me how much I didn’t like my new shoes and inserts. I was rehearsing in my mind what the “last” 2200miles.com blog would sound like…how to bow out gracefully and graciously this year and let any readers know that perhaps a year or two from now I would resume the hike.


1,000 miles, 4 states, Spring…DONE!

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Several milestones have been reached since we last talked:

First, I made it to the 1,000 mile mark! While this isn’t quite 1/2 way, it’s still a cool number. :)

Second, I FINALLY left Virginia and entered the 5th state on the trail, West Virginia. VA took a good long time as did the first 4 states — almost 3 months! WV will only take up a few miles of the trail, and it won’t be long until I’m out of Maryland and into Pennsylvania.

Third, Sunday marked the first day of summer! Traditionally hikers use the summer solstice as “Hike Naked Day” but thankfully, I saw none and did not partake. Jason, the producer for the “Road Less Traveled” TV show, hiked with me on part of Saturday and all of Sunday. Coming soon: a 60-second clip that previews the show for which I’m filming!

Fourth, I saw my first bear on the trail! I was hiking through the Shenandoah National Park and sure enough…he was on the trail just ahead of me. The first bear you see while walking in the woods is pretty exhilarating. Not that bears two through seven weren’t exhilarating…yes, I saw a total of 7! The first two hung around for a picture or two (we’ll call them Smiley and Sniffy) but the others were all running away from me by the time I saw them! Either way, SOOO cool! Here are their pics:

dsc01068 dsc01098
(click pics to enlarge)


Day In – Day Out

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I had a wonderful visit from my mom, aunt, and two cousins…and Ms. Cleon. I guess she’s a distant relative, I’m not sure how, but I’m thankful she is. I was able to zero with my family on Tuesday west of Staunton, VA, at Ms. Cleon’s cabin! Great to visit with the family, hard to see them leave on Wednesday. An interesting thing happened Thursday night…my first night alone in the woods! No one was at the shelter/campground I stayed at. Wasn’t scared…

Before the rest of the blog, here’s a word from a good friend of mine, Andy! I’m giving Andy the honorary trail name “Prologue” because of the cool people he has introduced me to (including John Piper, Diana Krall, Dave Matthews Band, just to name a few).

img_0730Andy and sponsored child Brandy

Meet Brandy Brayan. He’s the child that I sponsor through World Vision. He’s an 8 year old boy that lives in Peru. Brandy and I have a lot in common. We both go to school, we both enjoy sports, and we both have July birthdays. And I feel a real connection to Brandy as I traveled to Peru this past summer and saw his beautiful country. But unlike Brandy, I don’t have to worry about having clean water to drink, about finding a nutritious meal, or about obtaining reliable health care. This is the primary reason I decided to support a child from World Vision. My seemingly small donation goes a long way in providing the essentials—both physically and spiritually—that Brandy needs and that I take for granted.  But I also receive as much—if not more—than I give.  Living in Manhattan, I’m surrounded by excess on a daily basis: from doormen to professional dog walkers. Giving a little bit each month is a constant reminder not to hold on too tightly to the material things of this world, but to find my joy in the only source that will truly satisfy: Jesus Christ.

Thanks, Andy, for sharing. Be like him…sponsor a child!


So, what I thought I’d blog about now is my daily routine, now that I have it down to a science of sorts. I’ll start with the end of the day.


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