Welcome. You're about to hop on the Appalachian Trail and become part of the 2009 thru-hike of Chris Hennig, whose trail name was "Feed Bag." While Feed Bag took in all the personal benefits of spending hours alone in the woods (getting in better shape, crying, pondering the meaning of life), there is a purpose greater than that for which he hiked: to make the world a better place for children. And you can be a part of this journey starting now...and help make a difference!

Start Date: 3/29/09 End Date: 9/5/09


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Well…here’s where I am at the moment:

One more thing…while I’ve never run a marathon, and though I’m only at the 2/3rds mark of this trail, I do feel like I’m hitting “the wall”; physically, mentally, spiritually. Most of my creative ideas surrounding the hike and turning it into an “awareness” campaign were all formed before I even set foot on the trail. Now that I’m out here, I’m realizing how hard it is to sustain creativity and enthusiasm while constantly battling fatigue and exhaustion!

All that to say, I’m still very thankful for this opportunity, the support of friends and family, and for the safety I’ve experienced thus far on the trail. The cause and the goals are still the same, but it’s only going to get harder. Thanks for hanging with me for this long. I wouldn’t have made it here without you.

While I may not be the “poster child” for hiking the AT, I’m wondering if anyone is at least interested in hiking the AT as a result of reading my blog. I promise, it is a good time, I just tend to the melancholy for some reason. :) Plenty of hikers out here seem to never have a bad day. Is there something else you want to know about the trail, hiking, thoughts while hiking, etc? Discuss amongst yourselves and comment away. I’m here for you!

I’d give you a fresh trail report, but as the video says…I’m not sure where my journal and trail book are at the moment (as of Sunday morning). Hopefully I’ll find it sometime this afternoon where I stayed, at which point I will be away from my computer until the next trail town. I hope I haven’t lost it for good!

Maine…here I come…sometime. :)

MOBILE UPDATE: (Sunday night) The books have been found! PTL! I left them in the Innkeeper’s shuttle van on Thursday. Silly me! Now I can enter the woods with confidence tomorrow knowing where I’m going. Sort of. Mostly. :)

Unfortunately, I’m too tired to do the trail report by phone so y’all will have to wait on that one. My exact mileage is 1373.9 (+8 for approach trail way back when).

Who wants to come hike with me???


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