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2,000 down. A few to go.

Filed under: Blog Posts — chrishennig @ 8:43 pm August 26, 2009

Yes, I crossed the 2,000 mile mark today. 2,000 miles hiked on foot since March 29, 2009. The saddest part is I’m too tired to comprehend this at the moment. Honestly, I haven’t been feeling 100% these past few days, not sure why either. Appetite isn’t even the same. Your prayers are appreciated these last 200 or so miles.

However, I’m planning on taking Sunday off as my last zero day. I shall prepare a more thorough, as well as my last, blog from the trail then.

Maine has been…well…okay on the days it’s not raining. I’m still experiencing my fair share of weather. There’s a phenomenon called “Katahdin Blinders,” and I have a full-blown case. Just looking forward to the end. :) And hugging you, all my friends and family.

Ok, I’m going to bed ASAP in hopes that I feel better in the morning. Yes, it’s only 6:10 pm here in Stratton, ME.


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