Welcome. You're about to hop on the Appalachian Trail and become part of the 2009 thru-hike of Chris Hennig, whose trail name was "Feed Bag." While Feed Bag took in all the personal benefits of spending hours alone in the woods (getting in better shape, crying, pondering the meaning of life), there is a purpose greater than that for which he hiked: to make the world a better place for children. And you can be a part of this journey starting now...and help make a difference!

Start Date: 3/29/09 End Date: 9/5/09


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Ok, so this is not exactly where I got my trail name. However, it’s hilarious, gross, and completely satirical. Enjoy, then read on!

Hahaha…wasn’t that funny? Wearable Feed Bags…ohhh…anyway…

Here is a summary as to how I spent my adventure on the Appalachian Trail:

Total days experiencing the trail: 161 

Total zeros (0-mile days) = 30! Wow…a whole month off :)

Total neros (less than 10-miles hiking into or out of a town) = 9

Average nero = 6.1 miles hiking into or out of town

Average mileage per day including neros = 16.7

Average mileage per day without neros = 17.5

It’s hard to believe that three months ago I was easily hiking up and down mountains for 17 miles/8-10 hours a day. It seems like such a distant world now. I do miss exercising all day long. I’ll confess I’ve been rather lazy now that I’m away from the trail. I’m sure a few of the 40 lbs have snuck back on being that we have catering here on the road three meals a day, not to mention bus food every night.

It looks as though I’ll have most of the months of December and January off. And then, Lord willing, I’ll be back on the Spring portion of the Casting Crowns tour sometime at the beginning of February. So I had better come up with some exercise routine that works at home and on the road…or else all that hard work on the trail will reverse! I’m tempted to do some winter hiking and spend Dec/Jan on a trail somewhere…

I’m a little disappointed that NO ONE has contacted me for help in planning their March 2010 departure on the Appalachian trail. Come on people…you only have around 3 months left to plan :) Who is going to thru-hike next year?

Lastly, I’ve filmed a new video containing the gear I used during the summer months of the trail. I’ll be posting that soon as well as a summary blog containing the expenses incurred while hiking. I’m dreading that one..

Hope y’all are doing well. Dare I say…I miss having a Trail Report here at the end?


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